Trump thanks Netanyahu for 'Trump Heights' in Golan

Hours after Israeli cabinet formally approves new town in Golan Heights named after US president, Trump thanks Netanyahu for 'great honor'.

David Rosenberg,


President Donald Trump thanked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Sunday, hours after the Israeli cabinet formally approved the establishment of a new town in the Golan Heights named after the president.

“Thank you PM Netanyahu and the State of Israel for this great honor!” Trump tweeted.

The president’s tweet attached comments by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who attended the special cabinet meeting and naming ceremony Sunday afternoon.

“A great day on the Golan. PM Netanyahu and I had the honor to dedicate ‘Trump Heights’ — first time Israel has dedicated a village in honor of a sitting president since Harry Truman (1949). Happy Birthday Mr. President!!”

President Trump turned 73 on Friday.

Two days later, in place of regular the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, ministers gathered for a special meeting in the town of Kela Alon in the Golan Heights

During the meeting, which was attended by Ambassador Friedman, the government formally moved to approve the establishment of a new town in the Golan named Ramat Trump – or “Trump Heights”.

"This is a historic day,” Netanyahu said, sitting next to Friedman. “We are about to approve construction of a new town in the Golan, something that hasn't happened in quite a long time...and we'll be honoring a great friend of Israel, President Donald Trump, who recently recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, the first foreign leader to do so."

Following Netanyahu's comments at the special cabinet meeting in the Golan, Ambassador Friedman thanked the prime minister for the decision to name a new town after the American president, calling it an "extraordinary gesture that you and the State of Israel are making to the President of the United States."

"It is well-deserved, but much appreciated. We look forward to working with you and with the Government of Israel to continue to strengthen the alliance between the United States and Israel."