Watch: Israel's latest air combat innovations

Rafael unveils new systems for combat aircraft at Paris Air Show, enabling real-time attack, navigation and intelligence capabilities.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

An F-16 aircraft with Rafael's aerial armament
An F-16 aircraft with Rafael's aerial armament

For the first time, Raphael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd unveiled the LITENING G5 advanced precision targeting pod system together with a unique radar system (SAR) from Elta.

The systems were unveiled at the Paris Air Show.

Rafael's veteran lighting system is an electro-optical pod for navigating, locating and guiding guided munitions, and is being used in more than 20 countries in various types of fighter jets.

The radar system is an electro-optic pod for observation and intelligence gathering in real time.

The combination of the electro-optical capabilities and the radar capabilities in both systems provides a broad response to a variety of scenarios in various scenarios, and the radar addition increases the combat capabilities of the fighter planes for remote purposes, as well as identifying and identifying targets.

Yuval Miller, Senior Vice President and Head of the Air and Intelligence Division at Rafael, said: "This is a new capability that represents a significant leap forward in the airborne systems. The combination of technologies enables us to provide a high quality response to daily situations and night situations, and in any weather.