Torah scrolls stolen from Bnei Brak synagogue

Thief throws old Torah scroll on the floor, makes off with new ones.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Torah scrolls
Torah scrolls
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Worshipers arriving at a Bnei Brak synagogue Tuesday morning discovered the Holy Ark broken open and four of the synagogue's Torah scrolls stolen, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The site added that a fifth Torah scroll had been thrown on the floor, as had a book of Prophets.

Lights had been left on at the Orchot Hatorah synagogue, apparently by the person who broke in overnight.

Moshe Cohen, the sexton, told Kikar Hashabbat that unknown person had broken into the synagogue, and that two of the four Torah scrolls stolen were new. The scroll thrown on the floor, and the book of Prophets thrown on the floor, were both old.

"We're in shock, we don't understand what happened here, we have no direction," he told the site. "It seems like the thieves knew where they were. They knew which scrolls they wanted, they left the not-so-nice old one, they left the book of Prophets on the floor. A thief who's not familiar with it would have taken everything."

Police are working to identify and locate the suspects.