Iran unveils new air defense missile system

Iran's military unveils the Khordad 15, capable of destroying six enemy targets simultaneously from a range of 74 miles.

Sara Rubenstein ,

Air defense system (illustrative)
Air defense system (illustrative)

Iran's military unveiled the Khordad 15, a new locally built advanced air defense missile system at a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday.

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said at the ceremony that the system, which is equipped with long-range Sayyad 3 missiles, can destroy enemy targets from a range of 120 kilometers (74 miles) and is also capable of destroying as many as six targets simultaneously, according to Iranian media reports.

Hatami added that the Khordad 15 is capable of tracking "stealth targets" and intercepting them. "It can also trace stealth targets in areas 85 km (53 miles) in distance, and destroy them at a distance of 45 km (28 miles)," Hatami said.

The unveiling of Khordad 15 comes amid escalating tension between Iran and the US. Iran's announcement last month that it would withdraw from parts of the 2015 nuclear deal prompted US envoy on Iran Brian Hook, to say, "Any attack on American interests or on our allies will be met with force. If the Iranian regime tries, the American administration will respond."

The US also deployed an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, outside the Persian Gulf last month and is sending 900 extra troops to the Middle East.