Watch: IDF troops take control of foreign cargo ship

IDF receives report of arson aboard foreign cargo ship, works with captain to find, arrest, stowaway.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israeli Navy takes over foreign cargo ship
Israeli Navy takes over foreign cargo ship
IDF spokesperson

On Saturday night, the IDF received a report from a foreign cargo ship anchored off northern Israel, regarding a fire that had been ignited in its hull by unknown elements, an IDF statement confirmed.

The statement added that IDF Navy forces boarded and took control of the ship on Sunday, searching it in coordination with the ship's captain.

During the searches, the forces apprehended a stowaway and subsequently transferred him to the Israeli Police.

Ynet reported that the Turkish consul in Israel will visit the arson suspect, who is claimed to be a Turkish citizen.

Israel has been asked to confirm whether there were any Turkish casualties.