Labor: Primaries will be open to all party members

Labor party leadership seeks to preserve Knesset list used in April elections, to hold primaries if plan is not approved.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Labor leader Avi Gabbay
Labor leader Avi Gabbay

The Labor Party leadership received the recommendations of the Constitutional Committee, headed by Prof. David Libai.

According to the proposal, members of the party's convention will be asked to approve the holding of the elections for the party's leadership among all party members on July 2.

The leadership also decided to bring to the Conference's approval a proposal to preserve the current Knesset list as it stands.

In addition, the party leadership decided that if the decision to preserve the Knesset list is not passed, there will be primaries for Knesset members among all the members of the Knesset.