'Justice, education portfolios must stay with Likud'

Likud MK Micki Zohar rejects United Right's demand for justice and education portfolios following dismissal of Ministers Bennett and Shaked.

Hezki Baruch ,

Micki Zohar
Micki Zohar
Esty Davidov/TPS

MK Micki Zohar (Likud) rejected the demand of the United Right to receive the education and justice portfolios at this stage, in the light of the dismissal of Ministers Bennett and Shaked by the prime minister.

"These portfolios should remain with the Likud only. We cannot give them to any other list or faction. This is what we promised our voters - the justice and education portfolios need to stay in Likud,” Zohar said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

He also referred to the election of the new State Comptroller and expressed the hope that he would make significant changes in auditing activities.

"We are happy about the change in the State Comptroller's Office, because in previous years we knew that every audit report went first to the media before it reached the elected officials. I hope that the incoming comptroller will at least change this policy. We wish him luck," concluded Zohar.

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