Watch: German army tests Israeli Spike missiles

Annual German army drill ends with launching of 54 Spike missiles from Rafael with 100% success rate.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

soldiers testing the Spike missile
soldiers testing the Spike missile
Rafael company

The German army concluded its annual exercise Monday by firing dozens of Israeli manufacturer Rafael's Spike LR missiles.

The drill took place in the last days of winter in Germany, under harsh weather conditions, and included the firing of 54 Spike missiles by German forces, which launched the missiles from the new Spike missile launchers. The launchers include an innovative digital user interface and spatial and operational capabilities and have been used in the IDF for several years.

During the exercise, the German crews launched the missiles in a variety of complex shooting scenarios, including a concealed target, real-time target-shooting scenarios after firing, firing in total darkness through infrared, in parallel to complex weather conditions including strong winds and rains. The launchers and the targets showed 100% success, with all 54 Spike missiles striking their targets.

Rafael's Spike family of missiles are precision electro-optical, tactical and precision missiles that are widely used by the IDF and many armies around the world, and can be launched from a variety of land, air and sea platforms for ranges of up to 30 kilometers. Spike missiles are suitable for day and night use and against a wide range of targets. To date, Rafael has sold more than 30,000 Spike missiles to 31 countries.

ניסוי בטיל הספייק בגרמניה
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"The Spike missile family has proven its capabilities as a quality and reliable system chosen by 18 member states of the European Union and NATO, in addition to 13 other countries in the world," said Moshe Elazar, Senior Vice President and Head of the Land Division and the Rafael Sea.

"One of the greatest advantages of the spike is its wide distribution, and the reciprocity between the countries that can support each other in providing intercontinental missiles in times of crisis or invasion is a key factor both tactically and economically."

ניסוי בירי טיל הספייק בגרמניה
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