Intn'l Jewish women's movement turns 10, presents new promise

Event in Israel to celebrate Momentum’s 10-Year anniversary.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aviram Valdman

Today Momentum, previously known as the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, is announcing its new name and its renewed vision at its 10th Anniversary Momentum Event in Israel. Event speakers include Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein, best-selling author and journalist, Lihi Lapid, and Israeli educator and Israel Prize Winner Miriam Peretz – both of whom are Momentum Israel Public Council Members. Five hundred Momentum participants from nine countries will also attend the event. The Shalva Band, whose members are musicians with disabilities and whose performance at this year’s Eurovision recently went viral, will be the featured performers at the event.

First launched in 2009, Momentum quickly grew into a movement, welcoming over 17,000 Jewish women and men to experience its year-long journey of self-discovery and to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform themselves, their families, and their communities. Now, as Momentum, the organization is taking its mission one giant step further – providing more meaning and inspiration to even more Jewish women -- on demand, in real time, wherever they are.

“When we launched the movement 10 years ago, our goal was to inspire greater pride and identity among Jewish mothers based on timeless values,” said Lori Palatnik, Momentum Founding Director. “While the Israel experience will remain central to that concept, with Momentum, we’re thrilled to embrace a far broader vision. We’re bringing ‘Jewish to life’ for women throughout the world, enabling them to tap into Jewish inspiration and wisdom everyday and to apply it to every avenue of their lives.”

“It’s incredible to see the impact this has made on thousands of women and families in hundreds of communities across the world,” said Cindy Zitelman, Momentum Co-Founder and Past President. “So many women have told me that Momentum has changed their lives, and now, they are participating in Jewish organizations, taking on leadership roles, visiting Israel with their families, and sharing their Jewish pride with their children. They know the importance of their roles as Jewish women, and they understand the impact they can have on the future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

Among Momentum’s new features is a brand new multimedia website, which includes an array of original content including videos, podcasts, and columns that tackle and explore real-life issues that Jewish mothers face every day, from mental health to family drama and from confronting self-doubt to practicing mindfulness, all through a Jewish lens.

“There is so much wisdom in having women come as a group from a city so they have a supportive community to return to,” said Tanya Farber from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a participant in the organization’s first trip 10 years ago. “Some of the relationships that started on that trip remain to this day. The women are more like sisters than just friends - we have formed a family. Our shared experience in Israel created a strong foundation upon which to build these relationships.”

“We know that Jewish mothers are the greatest influencers. When they are empowered, they can inspire their families and communities, and make a real difference in the world,” said Palatnik. “We’ve seen the impact that Momentum has had on Jewish individuals across the world – and now we’re making it possible for many more women to access Momentum and unlock their power in extraordinary ways.”