Watch: Daniel Zamir plays at Matisyahu's wedding

Musician Daniel Zamir plays at 'best friend' Matisyahu's wedding.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Daniel Zamir at Matisyahu's wedding
Daniel Zamir at Matisyahu's wedding

Daniel Zamir, an Israeli saxophonist, performed at the wedding of American singer Matisyahu.

"I've traveled to many performances and many places," Zamir wrote on his Facebook page. "But it rarely is as exciting as performing at your best friend's wedding."

"I had the merit of playing at Matisyahu's first wedding sixteen years ago. And here, today, I'm in Nyack, New York, to play again, G-d willing at the last wedding! Congratulations to the young couple and to the entire people of Israel with them!"