Hiker dies of dehydration at Nahal Akrabim

Elderly hiker of southern Israeli stream found without pulse. Attempts to resuscitate fail, death ultimately determined.

Mordechai Sones ,

Heat stroke
Heat stroke

An elderly hiker who lost his way in Nahal Akrabim yesterday died, apparently due to dehydration.

Yesterday afternoon, Israel police received a report of a group of elderly hikers who called for rescue during an excursion from Upper Akrabim to the bottom, because they were exhausted and ran out of water.

The Arava Police Commander and volunteers of the Israel Police Arava Rescue Unit met the group of hikers and gave them water.

When they were found, it became clear that the group of seven people had dispersed.

Six of the hikers were located and rescued, one of them was found exhausted and without a pulse. Rescue Unit volunteers began resuscitation activities while launching an IDF 669 Unit helicopter.

When the 669 Rescue Unit arrived, they assisted in resuscitation efforts, but ultimately the doctor has forced to declare his death. The other hikers were rescued unharmed.