754 claims of damages from rocket attacks

Tax Authority publishes details on damage claims following latest rocket attacks on southern Israel. City with most claims: Ashdod.

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House hit by rocket fired from Gaza in Moshav Mishmeret
House hit by rocket fired from Gaza in Moshav Mishmeret
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The Tax Authority's compensation fund published this morning, Sunday, updated figures on the extent of direct damage claims filed following the latest series from rocket attacks a week ago.

As of this morning, 6 teams of the compensation fund (employees of the fund and appraisers / engineers) are deployed in affected areas to deal with damages and provide a response to citizens whose property has been damaged.

About 95% of the damages have already been examined by the compensation fund staff and are in the process of being dealt with.

The 10 families who were evacuated to hotels financed by the fund returned to their homes or moved to alternative housing.

As of this morning, 754 claims were submitted to the fund for damage to buildings (522 claims), motor vehicles (207 claims), agriculture (15 claims) and additional damages (10 claims).

The city in which the largest number of claims was filed was Ashdod, in which 261 claims were filed. In Ashkelon, 234 claims were filed, 28 in Kiryat Gat, and 25 in Sderot. 206 claims were filed by residents of smaller communities in the Gaza perimeter.