Watch: IDF bombs Hamas offices in Gaza City

Israeli fighter jets bomb Hamas terror group's Interior Security headquarters in Gaza City.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hamas interior security office in Gaza's Rimal neighborhood
Hamas interior security office in Gaza's Rimal neighborhood
IDF spokesperson

The Israeli Air Force bombed a compound the Hamas terrorist organization’s Interior Security offices in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip Sunday, as part of a series of retaliatory strikes following a massive wave of rocket and missile attacks from Gaza into Israel.

The target hit Sunday is Hamas’ largest security compound in Gaza City, and is located within a civilian neighborhood, Rimal. The facilities were used to coordinate Hamas’ terrorist activity, an IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

“Hamas uses this building for various operational activities, including the protection and concealment of terror infrastructure while abusing its location in the heart of a residential neighborhood,” the statement read in part.

Terrorists operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip launched over 600 rockets and missiles at Israel since Saturday, killing five Israelis and leaving dozens injured.

Israel has responded with a series of targeted strikes, killing 13 Gazans, including six identified as members of the Hamas or Islamic Jihad terror groups.