US Ambassador:
'There's no place in the world for anti-Semitism'

Amb. David Friedman at March of the Living: 'We have to do a better job, all of us, in understanding each other, tolerating each other.'

Yoni Kempinski, Poland ,

Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva spoke with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman as he participates in the March of the Living as part of a US delegation.

“There’s no place in the world for anti-Semitism. We have to do a better job, all of us, in understanding each other, tolerating each other.

“The atrocities that were committed on this ground can never ever occur again. As Mr. Mosberg said, we must always remember the Holocaust, we can never forgive those who murdered 6 million Jews and we have to always honor their memory. It’s the most important lesson to mankind - the lesson of the Holocaust.”

Asked if he drew a connection between the deadly anti-Semitic shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway and his participation in March of the Living, he said, “You know the words of the Haggadah, ‘In every generation they rise up to destroy us.’ This is not going to be eradicated or cured with slogans or easy steps. Anti-Semitism is a disease that has plagued mankind since there has been mankind, so of course we condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hostilities towards anyone based on religion or race or ethnicity. This is much bigger than any single event. This is about how we are as human beings and the tolerance that we have to bring to our lives.”

Friedman also addressed the significance of the US delegation of which he is a part. “This is the first time the US has sent a delegation to the March of the Living, and it reflects the will of the administration's unqualified commitment to fight anti-Semitism in all its ugly forms.”