Barkat seeks to earn 1 shekel as an MK

New Likud MK Nir Barkat asks to receive the same symbolic salary of 1 shekel he received in his decade as Jerusalem's mayor.

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Nir Barkat
Nir Barkat
Nir Barkat's office

Former Jerusalem mayor and Likud MK Nir Barkat sent a letter to Knesset Comptroller Haim Avidor on Tuesday demanding that the Knesset computer allow him to earn only one shekel a year.

Barkat, who was sworn in as an MK for the first time on Tuesday is seeking to maintain the same symbolic salary he received as mayor over the last decade.

"For me it is a great privilege to serve the public without receiving any compensation," wrote Barkat.

He added, "I am sure that as will be possible in the Jerusalem municipality, I can continue to do so in my capacity as MK."