UNRWA textbooks don't mention Israel once

Report finds UNRWA textbooks for grades 1-10 only refer to the Jewish State as the 'Zionist Occupation,' erasing Jewish history in Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

UNRWA HQ in Gaza
UNRWA HQ in Gaza
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JNS reported that according to a report by the Center for Near East Policy Research in Jerusalem, textbooks used by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for the grades 1 through 10 do not contain any references to Israel. In the textbooks, the Jewish State is only referenced to as the "Zionist Occupation”.

The researcher hired to study the books Dr. Arnon Groiss, an expert on Arabic-language education said that the latest textbooks which are produced by the Palestinian Authority and used by UNRWA are based on three principles :

"Delegitimization of the existence of the State of Israel, which is a full member state of the United Nations; demonization of both Israel and the Jews; and advocacy of a violent struggle for the liberation of all of 'Palestine,' including pre-1948 borders, thus wiping Israel off the map."

Among the examples given of the attempts to delegitimize and demonize Jews in the books , fifth-graders, as part of their Islamic-education class, are taught that holy sites like the Western Wall have no connection to Jews: “the Al-Buraq Wall is part of the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque and it is an absolute right of the Muslims alone."

In another example, third-graders are taught in a national/social-upbringing class that Jerusalem has no connection to Jews: “Jerusalem is an Arab city built by our Arab ancestor's thousands of years ago. Jerusalem is a holy city among Muslims and Christians.”

The books are financed by 67 donor nations, as part of the money given to UNRWA to provide education in Arab 'refugee camps' throughout Israel.