Jewish activists arrested on Temple Mount ahead of Passover

Activists attempting to bring Passover sacrifice on Temple Mount arrested hours before festival begins.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Activists from Hozrim LeHar movement
Activists from Hozrim LeHar movement
Hozrim LeHar

Israeli police arrested Jewish activists from the Hozrim LeHar (Returning to the Mount) organization early Friday afternoon, after an attempt to bring a young goat onto the Temple Mount for a Passover sacrifice.

Undercover police officers nabbed several activists as they carried the kid goat, holding them until additional officers could take the activists into custody.

Shortly afterwards, a number of Israeli civilians confronted police at the scene to protest the arrests. Witnesses say the undercover police officers refused calls by activists to show police identification.

In a statement released Friday afternoon shortly after the arrests, the Hozrim LeHar organization condemned the officers’ behavior.

“The police are continuing to behavior like backward regimes, treating Temple Mount activists with disdain, like second-class citizens. The police’s disgraceful behavior and harassment of Temple Mount activists has gotten worse, and it must be stopped – now.”

“It is unacceptable that Jews are not allowed to observe basic religious commandments in the Jewish state, which was established exactly for that purpose.”