Following Hamas video: More Iron Dome systems

Hamas threatens to destroy celebrations in Tel Aviv. IDF takes no chances, orders Iron Dome batteries deployed in country center.

Mordechai Sones ,

Iron Dome in operation
Iron Dome in operation
Flash 90

The IDF did not remain indifferent to Hamas' video threat to disrupt the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv and ordered deployment of a number of Iron Dome systems in central Israel, Hadashot News reported.

The report states the Hamas Islamic Movement video that depicts the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds in the cross-hairs, unsettled the security forces and IDF who take into account that one of the elements in Gaza will try to inflame the area and sabotage the competition.

Yesterday, the Hamas Islamic Movemet published a new video they shared on social networks those presented a direct threat to the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

In the animated cartoon video, one may see the pavilion where the European competition final will be held under the reticle of a crosshair.