Attackers: We'll restart Auschwitz when we grow up

Jewish student in northern Italy attacked by teens vowing to burn all Jews in ovens.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


A Jewish high school student was attacked in an anti-Semitic incident in northern Italy Monday.

"When we grow up, we will restart Auschwitz and all of you will burn in ovens, you Jews," the attackers, who were also students, shouted at the victim.

Renzo Gattenia, president of the Federation of Italian Jewish Communities, Andrea Pizarro, Jewish community leader Ferrara Luciano and Meir Caro, chief rabbi of the Jewish community in the region, issued a joint condemnation of the ant-Ssemitic incident.

"This aggression is an example of the worrisome situation and the hidden climate of anti-Semitism that also reaches schools," the three wrote. "This is an abyss to which we all fall, and it frightens us even more because this sense of hatred, of course, also resides among the children."