Israel arrests Palestinian Authority Jerusalem district chief

PA's Jerusalem district governor arrested by Israeli police after violating order imposed following kidnapping of US citizen.

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Adnan Gheith 
Adnan Gheith 

Israeli police arrested the Palestinian Authority's governor of the Jerusalem district on Sunday after he allegedly violated an order previously given to him by authorities, police and his lawyer said.

The governor, Adnan Gheith, has been arrested several times in recent months in connection with an investigation related to a land sale.

His lawyer Mohammed Mahmud said he had been given a six-month order not to visit Judea and Samaria or contact certain people there, and police accused him of violating the order.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld confirmed Gheith had been arrested and was being questioned, but could not provide further details.

Official Palestinian news agency WAFA said he was released later Sunday and given a 1,000-shekel fine ($280, 250 euros).

Police had previously investigated Gheith over suspicions he was involved in the Palestinian Authority's kidnapping in October of American-Arab Issam Akel, who was accused of involvement in selling an eastern Jerusalem building to Jewish buyers.

Such sales are considered treasonous by the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian Authority officials have condemned his arrests and claimed it was intended to pressure the Palestinian leadership over Akel's case.

Akel was sentenced to life by a Palestinian Authority court, but he was reportedly later allowed to leave to the United States.