Netanyahu to beachgoers: Go vote

PM visits Netanya beach, warns those taking advantage of day off: Failure to vote could lead to left-wing government led by Lapid and Gantz.

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu at the beach
Netanyahu at the beach

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived at the Poleg beach in Netanya and called on the bathers to get out of the water and go vote.

"Lapid and Gantz are leading. They're winning," the prime minister warned. "Yair Lapid will be prime minister and he will form a leftist government with Meretz, Labor and the Arab parties."

Get out of the water, get out of the malls, get out of the houses. Vote for Likud. The gap must be closed. The right must be saved. Wake up," demanded the prime minister.

The Central Elections Committee announced that as of 2 PM the percentage of eligible voters who had cast a ballot stood at 35.8%, a decline of 0.8% from the participation rate at the same time during the last election in 2015.