Israeli who joined ISIS to lose citizenship

Interior Minister looks to nullify citizenship of Israeli Arab who joined ISIS terror organization. 'He is unworthy of being an Israeli.'

David Rosenberg ,

ISIS flag (archive)
ISIS flag (archive)

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) ordered ministry officials Friday to revoke the citizenship of an Israeli man who joined the ISIS (Islamic State In Syria) terrorist organization.

On Friday, Deri instructed the Interior Ministry to strip Abdallah Hajleh of his Israeli citizenship on the grounds of breach of loyalty to the State of Israel and intent to harm the security of the state and its citizens.

The Shin Bet internal security agency backed Deri’s request to revoke Hajleh’s citizenship over his support for the ISIS terror group.

The Interior Ministry will forward Deri’s request to a special court for citizenship issues.

Deri noted in his order to pursue the revocation of Hajleh’s citizenship that Hajleh had left the country six years ago and joined the ranks of ISIS abroad.

In addition to his Israeli citizenship, Hajleh also holds citizenship in a foreign country.

The ministry also filed a request with the Central District Court to issue an order barring Hajleh from entering Israel. On Thursday, the court approved the order preventing Hajleh from entering the country.

“In this case,” Deri said Friday, “the facts are clear – this person is dangerous to the Israeli public. This is a person who has shown disloyalty to the State of Israel, who has worked to undermine its existence, and spent years working to harm its security. I see no other way besides nullifying his citizenship. He is not worthy of being an Israeli.”