Poll: Blue and White opens up 5-seat lead over Likud

In final day of polling before next week's election, right-wing bloc still leading, but Left-Arab bloc gaining ground.

David Rosenberg,

Gantz (l) and Lapid (r)
Gantz (l) and Lapid (r)
Sariah Diament

In the final day of polling permitted before election day next Tuesday, the right-wing – religious bloc continues to maintain a lead over the left-wing – Arab bloc, even as the center-left Blue and White party opens up a five-seat lead over the Likud.

According to a new poll conducted by Maagar Mohot on behalf of i24News and Israel Hayom, the center-left Blue and White party of Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid now leads the Likud by five seats, 32 to 27, compared to a four-seat lead in last week’s poll, when Blue and White received 32 to 28 for the Likud. That is the widest lead Blue and White has held in any poll since March 20th.

The broader right-wing – religious bloc continues to hold a moderate lead over the left-wing – Arab bloc, with 64 seats to the left-Arab bloc’s 56. That is significantly narrower than the previous Maagar Mohot poll for i24News and Israel Hayom, which was released last Friday. That survey showed the right-religious bloc with 68 seats to just 52 for the left-Arab bloc.

On the right, the New Right party of Naftali Bennett, the Union of Right-Wing Parties, and the libertarian-leaning Zehut all retained the six seats they were projected to win in last week’s poll.

The center-right Kulanu rose from five seats in the previous poll to six, while Yisrael Beytenu fell below the electoral threshold, going from five seats in last week’s poll to zero in this Friday’s survey.

Among the haredi factions, the Shas party fell from six to five seats, while the United Torah Judaism faction rose from six to eight.

On the left, Labor rose from eight seats in the previous poll to 10, while the far-left Meretz jumped from six seats in last week’s poll to eight.

Gesher continues to fall below the minimum threshold.

The Arab ticket of the Hadash and Ta’al parties received six seats in the poll, while the second Arab ticket, the United Arab List and Balad, failed to cross the threshold.

Results for last week’s Maagar Mohot poll in parentheses:

Blue and White: 32 (32)
Likud 27 (28)
Labor: 10 (8)
Meretz: 8 (6)
UTJ: 8 (6)
Zehut: 6 (6)
Union of Right-Wing Parties: 6 (6)
New Right: 6 (6)
Kulanu: 6 (5)
Hadash/Ta’al: 6 (6)

Shas: 5 (6)
Yisrael Beytenu: 2%* (5)
UAL-Balad: 2%* (2%*)
Gesher: 2%* (1%*)
Tzomet: 0.9%*

*Below threshold