High Court halts demolition of home of Ori Ansbacher's killer

Court orders demolition of home of terrorist who murdered teenage girl to be postponed until petition of terrorist's family is heard.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ori Ansbacher
Ori Ansbacher
picture used with permission of family

High Court Justice Anat Baron issued an injunction Sunday preventing the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered Ori Ansbacher.

The order was issued following a petition filed by the family of the terrorist Arafat Rafaya, who murdered Anbacher in Jerusalem in February. The judge's decision froze the implementation of the demolition order signed by the OC Central Command.

The court order applies for the duration of the hearings against the demolition order are completed, as is the established practice during deliberations on such petitions.

Jewish Home party leader Rabbi Raffi Peretz condemned the court's decision. "The demolition of the house of the terrorist who murdered Ori Ansbacher will no longer help her family, but she can restore the national honor of the people of Israel," said Rabbi Peretz. "The High Court once again presented a disconnect from common sense and a break with the interests of the State of Israel.

"For four years there has been a right-wing government, but unfortunately the High Court justices continue to run the country and tie the army's hands in the struggle against terror. Only after I have changed the composition of the committee for the appointment of judges and appoint ten other judges with a national Jewish outlook to the Supreme Court will the situation be changed and the hands of the army will be released to conduct a genuine struggle against terror."