Bennett demands Cabinet meet to discuss security situation

Education Minister demands Attorney General force PM Netanyahu to allow ministers to have a say in response to Hamas attacks.

Gary Willig ,

Bennett visits Mishmeret
Bennett visits Mishmeret
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Education Minister Naftali Bennett wrote to Attorney General Avichai Mandleblit demanding that he instruct Prime Minister Netanyahu to convene the Political-Security Cabinet to discuss the recent attacks from the Gaza Strip.

"It is inconceivable to be that the management of such security events is carried out solely by the prime minister and defense establishment without the input of the ministers of the Political-Security Cabinet, who bare the responsibility under the law to manage such matters," Bennett wrote.

The education minister's letter follows Prime Minister Netanyahu's explanation of the new Israel-Hamas agreement expected to be signed within the coming days.

In a video published on his Facebook page, Netanyahu said, "Now, after Shabbat, I told our forces to remain in place. We don't know if this calm will continue, and we are ready for every development.

"This is how we manage things: We use force when necessary, and we avoid, if possible, unnecessary wars," he added.

The escalation with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip began last Monday when a rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza struck a home in the town of Mishmeret in central Israel, injuring seven people.

Prime Minister Netanyahu cut short his visit to Washington DC to return to Israel to coordinate the IDF's response to the attack.

Egypt had attempted to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and an agreement appeared to be reached on Saturday.

On Sunday morning Israel reopened several border crossings with Gaza despite the launching of five rockets overnight.