Watch: Netanyahu 'lectures' Obama in new campaign ad

Campaign video shows prime minister in the Oval Office, telling ex-US president Obama Israeli concessions are 'not going to happen.'

Tal Polon ,

Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama
Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama
Flash 90

A new Netanyahu campaign video highlights a tense confrontation the prime minister had with former US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

The clip, posted on Netanyahu’s Twitter account, shows an excerpt from a 2016 PBS documentary called “Netanyahu at War” in which Netanyahu is seen, in the words of the narrator, “lecturing Obama, taking a hard line on the peace process.”

“It’s not going to happen,” Netanyahu says, as Obama glares at him. “Everybody knows it’s not going to happen. And I think it’s time to tell the Palestinians forthrightly it’s not going to happen.”

Obama White House staffer Ben Rhodes comments, “I have never seen a foreign leader speak to the president like that, and certainly not in public, and I’ve never— certainly never seen it happen in the Oval Office.”

“Israel obviously cannot be asked to negotiate with a government that is backed by the Palestinian version of al Qaeda,” Netanyahu continues.

Peter Baker of The New York Times says, “You’re watching President Obama there with his face in his hand, and you can tell it’s not going over well. This is his house, and to be lectured in his office rankles.”

“We cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible,” Netanyahu emphasizes.

Former special assistant to Obama Dennis Ross notes that then-Chief of Staff Bill Daley was standing next to him as Netanyahu spoke “and he’s going, ‘Outrageous. Outrageous.’”

The clip ends with Netanyahu’s campaign slogan: “Netanyahu. Right. Strong.”