Auschwitz appears in Meretz video against 'the occupation'

Meretz party publishes Arabic-language video calling for 'an end to the occupation,' as a drawing of Auschwitz appears in the background.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Drawing of Auschwitz
Drawing of Auschwitz
Meretz party

The Meretz party published an Arabic propaganda video in which the party called for an end to the occupation, while an illustration of the Auschwitz death camp is seen in the background.

In a video that was published in Arabic and addressed the Arab public, it is stated that "Meretz calls for an end to the occupation and for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel." In the background, an illustration of the Nazi extermination camp is displayed.

The video was uploaded by Mazen Abu Siyam, number 17 on the party list, to the Arabic-language website "Bokra."

It should be noted that after public criticism arose, the party removed the video and suspended the advertising agency that uploaded it.