Gush Katif evacuees accuse state of reneging on compensation

Families demand tens of millions of shekels from State for canceling compensatory land agreement, threatening their economic collapse.

Mordechai Sones ,

Destroying homes in Gush Katif
Destroying homes in Gush Katif
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Can the State, which has given agricultural land to Gush Katif evacuees to help rehabilitate them, demand the land back? The court will have to decide the matter following a mammoth suit filed by agricultural families from Gush Katif evacuees, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the families, including the family of former MK Tzvi Hendel, only after they built themselves up and invested tens of millions of shekels constructing greenhouses and other working structures, the State claimed there was a problem with the land rendering it impossible to build greenhouses there.

In a petition filed with the Central District Court against the Israel Lands Authority, it was claimed that the families received land after they were evacuated from Ganei Tal and received land for housing and agriculture in Geranium Park in the Ashkelon area. However, according to the families, they received notice from the State they would have to evacuate the land without compensation or an alternative arrangement.

According to them, the State had initially undertaken to help them establish greenhouses and engage in agricultural work. The State had provided them with a building permit and gave them a lease agreement. But after a few years they received notice that they had to dismantle the greenhouses because wells were discovered in the area, so the land may not be used for real estate.

According to the families, the damage they will suffer from reneging on the agreement, the dismantling and the transfer may reach tens of millions of shekels and bring about their economic collapse.