Ad Kan:
'Breaking the Silence gathers info on conscripted soldiers'

Video reveals how organization gathers intelligence information from conscripted soldiers and government employees, in violation of the law.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF soldiers advancing on objective
IDF soldiers advancing on objective
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The Ad Kan Organization is continuing to attack Breaking the Silence. In a new video, published for the first time since the Attorney General's contentious decision to close the complaint against Breaking the Silence due to a ‘lack of public interest,’ Ad Kan reveals that Breaking the Silence gathers intelligence information from conscripted soldiers, government employees and others.

The video begins with Breaking the Silence investigator Avichai Stoller attempting to calm down an undercover Ad Kan member worried about providing testimony. Stoller says, “Don’t worry about it. We have interviewed conscripted soldiers. Like you know these things… also government employees and people who by law cannot be exposed.”

Later in the video, another Breaking the Silence activist, Nadav Bigelman, is seen speaking to a group of activists saying, “Good morning, I am Nadav from Breaking the Silence. I gave testimony even while I was a conscripted soldier.”

In a third part of the video, a conversation between an undercover Ad Kan member and Bigelman is played. The two discuss another female soldier and Bigelman says “Tell her I would like to speak with her. Let’s sit down and talk and move on from there.” The Ad Kan member responds, “Are you sure? But she is still a conscripted soldier?” Bigelman says, “For sure!” The Ad Kan member again asks, “But can she even give testimony now?” and Bigelman ends the discussion with, “Yes. People regularly interview while serving. Of course.”

The end of the video quotes the decision of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit who said, “And even if we assume that the organization possesses information it is not authorized to possess, it seems that there is no public interest in opening a criminal investigation.” The video then asks, “Is there still no ‘public interest’?”

Gilad Ach, Director of Ad Kan, said “It appears that Breaking the Silence receives millions of dollars from foreign governments, gathers classified military intelligence from soldiers and government employees still serving as conscripts, even with the knowledge that such actions violate the law.

“The recordings in the video prove that Breaking the Silence has no lines they will not cross to obtain the information they desire, including violating the law by interviewing soldiers and government employees still serving. The amount of intelligence information, the reliability of the information, and the ways it was obtained, all demand an investigation in order to protect IDF soldiers and determine where classified information is being stored. Moreover, the true reason for the gathering of this information by Breaking the Silence must be determined and we cannot accept a mere statement about ‘a lack of public interest.’”

Breaking the Silence Spokesman Dean Issacharoff said in response, "Arutz Sheva hahaha."

It is worth recalling that just under three years ago, Channel 2 published a report about Breaking the Silence based on recordings provided by Ad Kan. The report demonstrated that Breaking the Silence gathers intelligence information on IDF soldiers. Later, Ad Kan filed a complaint with the police and Israeli Prosecutor’s Office against Breaking the Silence. The complaint was rejected by the Prosecutor’s Office. Ad Kan has continued to fight this decision by appealing to the Attorney General who recently ruled that the prosecution’s decision should be upheld and that there is no ‘public interest’ in a criminal investigation.

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