Report: Gaza terror groups 'committed to non-escalation'

Gaza terror groups promise Egypt that they won't escalate the situation, report says.

Chana Roberts ,

Hamas terrorists parade rockets
Hamas terrorists parade rockets
Flash 90

Egypt on Tuesday renewed its efforts to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, News 13 reported, quoting Palestinian Authority sources.

According to the report, the Egyptians demanded a complete cessation of rockets, as well as a cessation of Israel's attacks on Gaza terror targets. Egypt also said that the firing needs to cease before any talks are held.

Gaza's terror organizations told the Egyptian delegation that they are willing to commit to avoiding further escalation, as long as Israel ceases retaliation for the rockets.

On Monday, a rocket hit a Netanya-area home, injuring seven people and killing the family's pets. The Hamas terror group, which rules Gaza, at first claimed the rocket was a mistake, then claimed that bad weather may have caused the launch.

Israel retaliated for the rocket attack, striking targets associated with Hamas' military wing, and Hamas responded by launching more rockets at Israeli civilians.

Though Hamas claimed a ceasefire had gone into effect at 10:00pm. Monday night, rockets continued to be launched towards Israel, one of them damaging a family's home.