Senior political source: Netanyahu approved each target from DC

PM holds security consultation in Washington over escalation with Hamas, picks targets for IAF to strike.

Yoni Kempinski/Washington ,

PM's spokesperson

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is directing the IDF's response to the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip from Washington DC, according to a senior political figure.

According to the source, following his meeting with President Trump, Netanyahu held a meeting with the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabat, and the military secretary Avi Balot, in which he said that he wanted a very strong response to the rocket fired at the town of Mishmeret which injured seven people.

.At the end of consultations with the chief of staff and the heads of the security services, Netanyahu asked to be given a list of targets which had been prepared in the event of a deterioration in the security situation, and proceeded to approve each and every target the Israeli Air Force would strike in Gaza.

In addition, the White House was also briefed on the security escalation and Israel's expected response.