Condition of soldier wounded in terror attack improves

IDF soldier Alexander Dvorsky, wounded in double terror attack on Sunday, now in moderate condition.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of Ariel terror attack
Scene of Ariel terror attack
Eitan Shoivar/ TPS

The condition of IDF soldier Alexander Dvorsky, 19, who was injured in Sunday's double terror attack near Ariel, is improving.

On Wednesday morning, Petah Tikva's Beilinson Hospital reported that Dvorsky's condition is currently stable and moderate.

On Tuesday, hospital officials reported that Dvorsky was no longer in mortal danger and was fully conscious and breathing on his own.

Later on Tuesday, Israeli security forces succeeded in locating and eliminating terrorist Omar Abu Lila, 20, who wounded Dvorsky and Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, 47, and murdered 19-year-old IDF soldier Gal Keidan.

Rabbi Ettinger, a married father of twelve, later succumbed to his wounds.