'Gantz and friends threatening judges'

Attorney Ben Gvir attacks Blue and White video warning of possibility he will be elected to Judicial Selection Committee.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ben Gvir speaks at Central Elections Committee
Ben Gvir speaks at Central Elections Committee
Flash 90

Otzma Yehudit member Itamar Ben-Gvir attacked the Blue and White list following a video released on its behalf today.

The video claims Netanyahu promised Ben-Gvir to be appointed as member of the Judicial Selection Committee, and warns of this possibility.

Ben-Gvir said "two days before the Supreme Court hearing to disqualify us, Gantz and his left-wing party members are going into high gear and trying to intimidate the Supreme Court justices and want to disqualify Attorney Ben-Gvir on a non-professional background."

"Gantz is hinting to the Supreme Court judges that Ben-Gvir should be disqualified for reasons without legal basis, but with a political dimension - an attempt to subvert justice and influence judges in the hope that they'll will make a political decision and determine political moves."

Attorney Ben-Gvir says "Gantz proves himself to be dangerous to democracy. I hope his campaign won't affect the judges, but the fear is that the Left wants to win the elections through the Court."