Senator Lindsey Graham:
'We're moving towards recognition of Golan Heights'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tours Golan Heights with US Senator Lindsey Graham and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Mordechai Sones ,

Graham, Netanyahu, Friedman
Graham, Netanyahu, Friedman
Amos ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today toured the Golan Heights with US Sen. Lindsey Graham and US Ambassador David Friedman.

Netanyahu told Graham, "This isn't your first visit to the Golan Heights, but I think every time you come here, you can appreciate the strategic importance of Israel's presence on the Golan Heights and the fact that we're creating a new life here, a green life, a future. It's very different from what was here before.

"The Golan Heights have always been part of Israel since the first days of our history, and it's definitely part of the State of Israel since 1967, and more recently, since 1981. The Golan Heights are part of Israel and must remain part of Israel forever. I think it's important that the international community recognize this fact and accept it, and especially our great friend, the United States," added Netanyahu.

"I thank you for your support, I think Israeli citizens don't know everything I know about the work you did in successive governments, we have no better friend and we appreciate it, thank you, friend," concluded the Prime Minister.

Blossoming almond trees in Golan Heights, northern Israel
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Senator Graham said "what's good for America is a safe, secure, and prosperous Israel. Why? Shared values, common enemies, and from a military point of view, the best country the United States can have in a problematic region.

"I have a simple message - I'll return to the Senate in the United States and work with Senator Cruz to start a move to recognize the Golan as part of the State of Israel now and forever. Israel took control of this territory in a war for its existence. This area was taken by military force because it served as a launching pad to attack the State of Israel. There is rich Jewish history in this region.

"I stand on one of the most important places in the State of Israel strategically," added Graham.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded, "What you've heard here from Senator Graham are very strong statements that express President Trump's American policy, support for Israel, and take it to a very concrete step - to preserve the Golan as part of Israel, otherwise our border will be with Iran on the rim of the Sea of ​​Galilee - and we're not prepared to accept that. I was very happy to hear him say these things ... I think this is a very important and very promising direction for our national security," Netanyahu said.

Rare video from 1980s on strategic importance of Golan Heights featuring then Deputy Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: