No safe entry for Jews - In Israel's capital

Sign at Jerusalem neighborhood of Al Walaja states 'entry for Israeli citizens is dangerous.'

Eliran Aharon ,

'Dangerous for Israelis'
'Dangerous for Israelis'
Arutz Sheva

Many years have passed since the last time a municipal representative visited the neighborhood of Al Walaja in southern Jerusalem.

Jerusalem City Councilor Aryeh King has been in touch with the residents of Al Walaja and has recently received a complaint about damage caused by the rain. Arutz Sheva went with King to see what was happening in the neighborhood and what the result of the lack of sovereignty in the region was.

"The sign says 'Entering a dangerous neighborhood for Israelis. This is a Jerusalem neighborhood, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem. It is quiet and pastoral. I ask why they put the sign that so many Jews are afraid of and why they do not enter the neighborhood," King wondered.

From the vantage point where we stood we could look out over northern Jerusalem and see the spot where Ori Ansbacher was murdered last month. "The residents are part of the city. The time has come for the Jerusalem municipality to come here and I intend to develop the place that Jews will also come here and feel at home. An area which has no development and no Jewish presence is fertile ground for illegal residents."