Feiglin: Cannabis legalization non-negotiable

"No one will establish a government without legalization," Zehut chairman says, noting his party will demand finance, education portfolios.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Miriam Alster, Flash 90

During the Zehut party’s conference on cannabis legalization, party chairman Moshe Feiglin declared that after the elections the party would demand the finance portfolio and the education portfolio.

During the conference, there was much talk about the importance of abolishing the ban on smoking and dealing in cannabis in general, and in particular the abolition of regulation of medical cannabis. Feiglin said that "2019 will be the year of legalization, we will kill ourselves over it. This is not going to be a game, it's not going to be political, there aren't going to be negotiations. No one will establish a government in Israel without legalization," he established.

Feiglin spoke about the missed opportunity in the field of medical cannabis both in terms of medical and economic opportunities, and attacked those he claimed were the guilty party - "a group of associates and connected people that managed to acquire the entire market for itself."

"Thousands of jobs, thriving agriculture, abundance, wealth, health are today in Switzerland and Colorado but here no, because here the regular cannabis too is diminished for patients so that the small group will control the market."

"We are going to demand finance and education in order to liberate the economy, so that there will be a truly free market here, and to liberate the spirit and restore education to the responsibility of parents," Feiglin said.

Feiglin added that "It's not only with cannabis. Israel is almost the last place in the quantity of business. So there's no livelihood, so there's no work, so people are not hired, so the salary is low because there's no need for workers. Liberate, my friends, liberate the economy, liberate education, liberate the market."