Iran: Three Torah scrolls stolen from synagogue

Three ancient Torah scrolls disappear from synagogue in Tehran, Iran.

Michal Levi ,

Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran

Three ancient Torah scrolls were stolen from a Tehran, Iran, synagogue last Thursday, shocking the Jewish community.

Each of the scrolls was several hundred years old.

The Torah scrolls were stolen from the city's Ezra Abrishami synagogue late Thursday night.

The complex where the synagogue is located also contains a kosher restaurant, men's and women's ritual baths, schools for elementary and teenage boys, and a lab for checking whether a garment contains sha'atnez - a forbidden mixture of wool and linen.

Between 15,000 and 25,000 Jews live in Iran, with most of them located in Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.

It is not yet clear whether the theft was criminal or anti-Semitic in nature.