Arabs resume nightly confrontations on Gaza border

Palestinian Arab youths sound emergency sirens near Israeli towns, point laser markers at IDF soldiers stationed along the border.

Dalit Halevi ,

Gaza border (archive)
Gaza border (archive)

Palestinian Arab rioters on Saturday night resumed their confrontations with IDF forces stationed along the Gaza border with Israel.

The acts of disturbances, involving dozens of Palestinian Arab youths, occurred near the border fence east of Rafah in southern Gaza.

The daily confrontations are referred to as the "nightly harassment" and are intended to exhaust the IDF forces and residents of the Israeli communities in the Gaza envelope.

Security officials fear that these incidents will harm the alertness of the forces and will serve as camouflage for terrorist action, including the kidnapping of a soldier.

The Palestinian youths lit tires, sang national songs, sounded emergency sirens aimed at Israeli towns and aimed laser launchers at IDF soldiers, who responded with live bullets and gas grenades.