Watch: Dramatic rescue in Jerusalem's Nahal Arazim

Two trapped persons rescued from roofs of vehicles after protracted efforts in cooperation with fire department, police, and rescue units.

Mordechai Sones ,

Rescue in Nahal Arazim
Rescue in Nahal Arazim
Etzion Rescue Unit

Four search and rescue teams, assisted by the special rescue unit of firefighters and rescuers, were called at noon today to rescue two people trapped in by flood in a river that overflowed the Arazim valley.

One man was trapped by the strong current and at some point was swept into the water. He was transferred to the MDA team summoned to the site for further medical examination.

The fire fighters and special fire and rescue unit Jerusalem are conducting searches along the course of the stream to rule out the presence of additional trapped persons.

Meanwhile police blocked Route Begin north of Betar Sport Association near Teddy Stadium following flooding on Route Begin in this section. Police call on drivers to act responsibly, obey police orders, and follow instructions and publications in the media.