'President Trump: Let my people know!'

In statement aimed directly at President Trump, Bennett says plans for Palestinian state being made 'over the heads' of the Jewish people.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yoni Kempinski

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett (New Right) spoke out on the soon-to-be-released American Middle East peace plan Wednesday, directly addressing President Donald Trump.

During his address Wednesday morning at the Muni-Expo 2019, a conference on local government, Bennett called President Trump a “true friend to Israel,” while urging the administration to immediately release its “Deal of the Century” plan for a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“Israel has no greater friend than the United States of America,” Bennett said. “It is a friendship based on trust and shared values. And there is no doubt that you, President Trump, are a true friend to Israel.”

Bennett accused the White House of leaving Israel “in the dark” regarding the provisions of the peace plan, and called on the US to release the plan prior to Israel’s Knesset elections this April.

“Friends do not keep secrets one from another. We all know that the ‘Deal of the Century’ will be launched right after the Israeli elections. But we, the Israelis, are in the dark about the plan itself.

“It seems that everybody is in the loop, planning this Palestinian state right over our heads. The Americans. The Saudi [Crown] Prince. The Palestinians. The Jordanian King. Even Erdogan of Turkey, a blatant anti-Semite - Even he's in the loop - everybody's in the picture. Everybody but us, the people of Israel.

”The Israeli public is facing a crucial election, a referendum on the creation of a Palestinian terror state, which will threaten Israel’s very existence. This is not a theory, this is about the lives of our children.

“But what is the Deal of the Century? Why is it being hidden from us? It's as if surgeons are planning to take out part of our body, but won't tell us anything about it.

“Don't we, the Israelis, deserve to know what is in store for us before we go to the ballots? Can't we know what we're voting about? 

“While we deeply respect the American president, and while nobody doubt’s his good intentions, it is us, the Israelis who will pay the ultimate price.”

“So today I want to ask of you President Trump: Let my people know! Put the Palestinian [state] plan on the table now, before we make our choices.

“Let my people know what is in the Palestinian plan. Let my people know what is in store for the people of Israel and to the Land of Israel. Let my people know what will happen to Jerusalem. It’s our lives, it’s our land, it’s our future, and it’s our right to know and to decide our fate.”

Bennett, whose New Right party has positioned itself to the right of the Likud, made similar comments Tuesday night, warning that the US was laying the foundation for a Palestinian state ‘over Israel’s head’.