Likud removes cemetery ad following criticism

Bereaved families call on election campaigns to leave them alone after Likud ad in military cemetery calls Benny Gantz 'dangerous.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the pulled ad
the pulled ad

The Likud party removed a video ad set in a military cemetery which called Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz "dangerous" following criticism of the ad.

In the ad, the narrator says that "the public isn't stupid. Gantz is left and the left is dangerous."

A group of bereaved parents who lost loved ones in terror attacks and military engagements sharply criticized the ad as disrespectful.

Yad Lebanim chairman Eli Ben-Shem told News 13: "This is a serious incident that hurt the bereaved families' feelings. Leave us alone, leave our children alone. Remove the IDF soldiers out of the political discourse."

"If there is still another holy cow in Israel, then it is worth preserving it and not trampling it in a blatant and cynical manner," he added.

However, the creator of the video Avishai Ivri continued to stand behind the decision to produce it. "My friends are lying under these stones because of you," Ivri replied with a tweet on Twitter to one of his critics, adding, "Some of them fell unnecessarily because of your fantasies and if I can save even one soul from falling on the altar of your fantasies, it's worth everything to me."

Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the ad removed as soon as it was brought to his attention and called it "an unfortunate mishap."

The Blue and White party issued a statement slamming Netanyahu for the ad, saying “Fallen IDF soldiers and bereaved families did not imagine that a prime minister would use them for political campaign videos. Netanyahu, go, apologize to the families right away, or this stain will follow you all your life. Shame on you, Netanyahu.”