How much will Eurovision tickets cost?

Tickets for Eurovision in Tel Aviv will range from 1,150 shekels for seating far away from stage to 2,000 shekels for perks in Green Room.

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be launched in May in Tel Aviv. How much will tickets cost?

Yedioth Aharonot has learned that tickets for the finals on May 18 will range from NIS 1,150 for seats in the hall, to NIS 1,350 for the first rows.

A ticket for standing in the Golden Ring, very close to the stage, will cost NIS 1,500. Prime-level seats, the best ones, will cost NIS 1,700, and the Green Room - which includes food and drink - will cost NIS 2,000. Tickets for the two semifinals, on May 14 and 16, will be cheaper: NIS 750 for seats in the hall; NIS 1,000 for seats on level 2; NIS 1,150 for standing in the Golden Ring; seats at prime level for NIS 1,250; and sitting in the Green Room NIS 1,000 per ticket.

In addition, it will be possible to purchase tickets for the rehearsals of the finals and for the two semifinals, which will be much cheaper: NIS 500 for the finals and NIS 350 for rehearsals for the semifinals. 500 tickets for the generall rehearsal before the finals will be given to soldiers.