Watch: Arab torches security camera in East Jerusalem

Arab arrested by Border Police; investigation leads Jerusalem District Attorney to indict.

Mordechai Sones ,

Arab torches police camera in east Jerusalem
Arab torches police camera in east Jerusalem
Police Spokesman

The Israel Police today published a video of a police security camera in East Jerusalem being torched a week-and-a-half ago.

Last Saturday night, soldiers from the Border Police undercover unit prepared to thwart attempts to set fire to police security cameras in East Jerusalem. The deployment came after a number of attempts to damage cameras deployed in the area, thereby sabotaging and disrupting the work of the Israel Police.

As part of the activity in A-Tur, forces identified a suspect holding a tire with what appeared to be a bottle allegedly containing flammable material. The suspect also appeared approaching one of the posts on which a security camera is placed, lights the tire, and leaves. The post and infrastructure were severely damaged.

The suspect was arrested and charged in the Jerusalem District Court by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office. The indictment indicates the defendant was equipped with a car tire, a liquid combustion catalyst, and a lighter. After a few minutes of waiting, the defendant went to the camera post, set the tire next to the pole and lit it, endangering vehicles parked near the post. After that, the defendant poured the liquid onto the burning tire to increase the fire. The tire flared up on the camera post and fire flared on and around the cameras.

"This is very important activity that proves once again that the Israel Police is acting resolutely against terrorist elements who intend to harm the security forces and infrastructures," said a source in the Border Police, adding "the initiative and uncompromising activity of the Israel Police against terrorist and criminal elements in East Jerusalem will continue."