Watch: Rivers and streams flow copiously after rain

Nahal Hanegev, Judean Desert and Arava come alive following rains since yesterday. Rain will continue intermittently over weekend.

Mordechai Sones ,

Negev river flows
Negev river flows
Tzur Netzer, Nature and Parks Authority

The rains of the past 24 hours throughout the country have renewed the water flow in the Negev, Judean, and Arava rivers.

Due to the rains, Highway 90 was closed between the Dead Sea hotels and Ein Gedi, and Highway 40 was closed from Mitzpeh Ramon Junction to Tzihur Junction.

Today during the morning hours local showers will continue accompanied by occasional thunderstorms. In the southern and eastern rivers there is still fear of floods. Throughout the day rains will diminish. Temperatures will decline considerably. At night it will be partly cloudy and there may be light local rains.

Tomorrow the weather will be partly cloudy and temperatures will be normal for the season. In northern Israel, local rain is expected and it may be hazy.

On Saturday it will rain occasionally in the north and center of the country. There may be thunderstorms. Local rain is expected in the northern Negev. On the Hermon it will snow. Temperatures will be lower than normal for the season.

On Sunday, rain is expected from time to time from the north to the northern Negev accompanied by occasional thunderstorms. On the Hermon it will continue to snow. Temperatures will be lower than normal for the season.

Flooded Negev road, this morning
Police Spokesman