IDF arrests mother and wife of terrorist behind deadly attacks

Wife and mother of Asem Barghouti, Hamas terrorist responsible for pair of deadly attacks in December, arrested by Israeli forces.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arrest of Asem Barghouti
Arrest of Asem Barghouti
IDF spokesperson

Israeli security forces have arrested the mother of two terrorists involved in a pair of deadly shooting attacks in December, Arab media outlets reported Tuesday morning. In addition, Israeli forces arrested the wife of one of the two terrorists.

Suheir Barghouti, the mother of Asem and Salih Barghouti, was reportedly arrested overnight in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Kobar, outside of Ramallah – one of more than two dozen Arabs arrested across Judea and Samaria overnight.

Suheir’s son’s perpetrated the December 9th shooting attack on a bus stop outside of the Israeli town of Ofra, wounding seven and fatally wounding an unborn child, who died three days after he was delivered via an emergency caesarian section.

Days after the Ofra attack, Asem Barghouti carried out a second shooting attack, killing two Israeli soldiers at Givat Assaf junction north of Jerusalem, and wounding two other Israelis, including a soldier and a civilian.

The terrorists’ mother is suspected of having prior knowledge of the planned attacks, and failing to alert security forces.

Salih Barghouti was shot and killed while attempting to resist arrest by Israeli security forces in December. Asem Barghouti was taken into custody by Israeli security personnel.

In addition to the terrorists’ mother, Israeli security forces are also said to have arrested Asem Barghouti’s wife in an overnight arrest operation.

On Monday, the IDF announced plans to demolish the homes of Asem and Salih Barghouti.