Tiberias mayor continues 'Shabbat wars'

Mayor announces public transportation to run on Shabbat, appears to criticize Shabbat observant business owner.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi
Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi
Flash 90

Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi announced Sunday that free public transportation will operate in the city on Shabbat beginning next Saturday.

According to the mayor's announcement published on Facebook, the goal is to enable residents of the remote neighborhoods of the city center to reach the promenade area adjacent to the Kinneret.

"Public transportation in Tiberias on Saturday: 'On the way' 'The public will begin receive free public transportation on Saturday. The stations and the collection hours will be published soon! This is a revolution for the residents of the neighborhoods, youth, children, the elderly and anyone who does not have a car!" Kobi wrote on Facebook.

Over the weekend, a video was published on Facebook showing Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi during his tour of Tiberias' promenade, demanding that a business owner remove a sign stating that it is a Shabbat-observant business.

The video caused an uproar among religious residents in Tiberias. The uploader wrote: "The bullying violence and terror experienced by the business owners in the area of ​​the boardwalk for a month has been spreading and crossing red lines, and the mayor is behaving like a bully who acts like a bully for every business owner whose only request is to rest on Saturday and not work on that day."

"The residents of Tiberias must understand that violence and bullying do not lift a city above board. There are other ways, pleasant and good, and will write books in interrogation rooms about the behavior of the mayor and his surroundings in the past month. More books will be written in interrogation rooms about the conduct of the mayor and his surroundings during the last month with business owners in the promenade area. Man lives by his faith. Live and let live for those who want to rest on Shabbat."