40 UN ambassadors visit Israel

Ambassador Danny Danon leads 40 colleagues on visit to Israel to see the City of David, Hezbollah attack tunnels.

Gary Willig ,

Ambassadors in Majdanek death camp
Ambassadors in Majdanek death camp

A delegation of 40 United Nations ambassadors arrived in Israel Thursday morning for a five-day visit led by Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

Ambassador Danon had previously led the delegation on a visit to Poland. The ambassadors visited Warsaw and the Majdanek extermination camp, where they held a memorial service for the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Tomorrow, the ambassadors will tour the City of David archaeological site with Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon.

On Sunday, the delegation will meet with the President Reuven Rivlin at the President's Residence and with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Afterwards, the delegation will patrol the northern border and inspect one of the attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah and exposed by the IDF.