Watch: Two cars carried off in flash flood in northern Israel

Three people rescued after flash flood carries off car near creek where IDF soldier was killed in flood.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 10:53 AM

Rescue operation in Nahal Hilazon
Rescue operation in Nahal Hilazon
Northern district fire and rescue

Rescue teams and police units in northern Israel rescued three people trapped in two jeeps which had been carried off by a flash flood after the Nahal Hilazon creek overflowed Monday morning.

“In the north next to Nahal Hilazon, police and rescue units responded to an incident and saved the lives of two people when flash floods struck underneath the bridge in the area,” a police spokesperson said regarding the first jeep. “Their vehicle was washed away in the flash flood.”

The two vehicles had been driving from the direction of the Israeli Arab town of Sakhnin towards Kibbutz Lotem when they were hit by a flash flood while driving in the Nahal Hilazon creek under a bridge.

Nahal Hilazon, a seasonal creek which remains dry much of the year, has flooded repeatedly this month, due to heavy rains.

Last week, 20-year-old IDF soldier Evyatar Yosefi drowned while attempting to cross Nahal Hilazon during a training exercise.