Israel delays transfer of Qatari cash

Senior source says Israel holding up millions in Qatari cash that was set to be transferred to Hamas within the next few days.

Tzvi Lev ,

Hamas employee after receiving her salary paid by Qatar
Hamas employee after receiving her salary paid by Qatar

A senior Israeli source confirmed that Israel is holding up the $15 million from Qatar that is scheduled to be transferred to Gaza within the next few days, Ynet reports.

Israel has already allowed two installments of Qatari money to enter Gaza, allowing for the payment of Hamas employees in Gaza.

The third installment had been scheduled to enter Gaza before last week's round of escalation, which began when Hamas terrorists launched balloon bombs into Israeli territory using a model airplane.

On Sunday afternoon, IDF helicopters opened fire on Hamas posts in Gaza, in retaliation for the launching of the balloon bombs into Israeli territory.

On Monday, terrorists from Gaza fired a rocket towards southern Israel that was intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System. The IDF retaliated by attacking a number of terrorist targets in a military camp belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesperson Abdel Latif al-Qanua commented earlier on Monday on the reports that Israel was stopping the Qatari funds from entering Gaza.

"The Zionist occupation does not grant us our rights, we have to take our rights by force and not have them be given to us," said the Hamas spokesman, according to Channel 10 News.

“The demonstrations near the fence will continue until the siege is broken,” he continued. " The mediators must impose on Israel the understandings and carry out what remains of them. The Zionist occupation is the one that bears the consequences of violating its promise or the consequences of its evasion of the understandings and the rights of the Palestinian people."​​​​​​