Labor MK: My polygraph proves Gabbay lied

Labor MK Eitan Cabel accuses party leader Avi Gabbay of threatening to destroy party, failure of leadership.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Eitan Cabel
Eitan Cabel

MK Eitan Cabel spoke at the Labor Party convention in Tel Aviv on Thursday, and slammed the demands of party chairman Avi Gabbaiy to appoint candidates on the Labor list for the next Knesset.

"To all those who think that I am going to resign - forget it, this is my home, I fought for it, I fought for it, no one will throw me out of my house, yours ... We are here in battle for our home, our values ​​that we believe in," Cabel said.

MK Cabel presented the results of a polygraph test showing that Cabel did not lie when he stated that Gabbay had threatened to "destroy" the Labor party. Gabbay claimed that I had lied that he threatened to destroy the party against us, and this morning I initiated a polygraph test and found myself telling the truth. It was discovered again that he lied and not for the first time."

"Everything is on you," he told Gabbay. "You destroyed the Zionist Union without consulting anyone. You led, and you navigated. This failure is "Gabbay's net." I call for the primaries to be open for the party leadership even before the elections."

Cabel promites "to work hard until this awful period passes.”